Scottish Mountain Heritage Collection (SMHC) Development Policy

1. Introduction

The Scottish Mountain Heritage Collection (SMHC) was formed from a personal collection of mountaineering artefacts and memorabilia amassed by mountain guide, Mick Tighe. Whilst Mick had no specific aims or objectives when gathering his collection, it is clear that the main idea was to preserve the nation’s rich mountain heritage for future generations and in particular, to ensure that as little as possible was lost or destroyed. Whilst the collection has now acquired the title ‘Scottish‘ this has more to do with location than any geographical parameters. The original collection came from a worldwide catchment area, and we hope it will continue to do so.

2. Collection

The scope of our collection is well reflected by the items collected so far and a trawl through the web site will give a good indication of the range. The Scottish Mountain Heritage Collection is happy to receive items connected with mountain heritage, not only from Scotland but from any part of the world, in the belief that a cross section of memorabilia can do nothing but enhance the collection and reflect alternative styles, developments and cultures. The headings on our web site give a good indication of what we accept;

Advertising Brochures and posters, Books/Guide Books, Camping, Clothing, Cuttings, Diaries/ Notebooks/Letters, Films/DVD’s, Footwear, Journals, Magazines, Maps, Miscellaneous, Mountain Rescue, Mountaineering – General, Photos/Slides, Postcards, Rock Climbing, Skiing, Snow and Ice climbing and Sound Recordings.

The SMHC trustees will consider any other items outwith the above and decide on merit.

3. Provenance

SMHC will seek to ensure the correct provenance on donated items and reserve the right of refusal if it cannot be established. Once items have been accepted SMHC will issue a list of the donations to be signed by the donator and an SMHC trustee. Lists of donated items will be kept on file and items placed on the SMHC website when they have been correctly archived.

4. Ownership and Copyright

It is assumed that ownership of any donated items is automatically transferred to SMHC once the handover list is signed by both parties. Copyright is a much more complex subject and will need to be negotiated at the time in light of current copyright laws.

5. Donations

The SMHC is a small charity run by a group of enthusiastic volunteers. Archiving, preservation and storage is a fairly costly and time consuming process and the collection has extremely limited funds so donations are always welcome, either financial or as voluntary labour. Storage, heating, lighting, computing (inks etc.), preservation equipment and transport are all part of our overheads and any donations will be primarily for this rather than financial reward.

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