How to search the collection

We hope that you find this website easy to use and that you won’t ever need to read the contents of this page. But as you are here it may mean that you need pointing in the right direction !!

The collection can be searched from the homepage of the website and there are two ways to do this.

Use the ‘Quick Search’ feature

The quick search feature on the right hand side of the homepage allows you to locate items within the collection based on a keyword search. To do this click on the box that says ‘Enter Keyword’ and type in your search term, much like you would when using Google. You can then simply click the blue ‘Search The Collection’ button and your search results will be displayed from all categories within the database.

However you may find that this gives you too many results and that you want refine your search. To do this you have 3 further options:

  1. Search only by object names. Tick this box if you if you only want to see results where your search term are contained within the item title.
  2. Search a specific database. The collection is split into three databases, Objects (e.g. an Ice Axe), Printed Materials (Book, Maps etc) and Archive (Photos etc). Select one of these databases from the drop down menu if you only want to search that specific database.
  3. Search a specific category. The various items in the collection are also broken down by category. Select one of these from the drop down menu if you only want to search that specific category.

Browse the Collection

If you are unsure what you are looking for and would like a general browse around the collection this is perhaps the best option for you. Simply click on one of the three links shown at the bottom of the homepage (Objects / Printed Materials / Archive) and you are presented with a list of categories and the number of items in each. Then just click on the category that interests you to view the items.

Viewing Item Details

Once your search results have loaded you can click on either the title or image to view the full details for that item.

Enlarging Images

You can click on any of the images on the item detail pages for an enlarged view.

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